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A talk at Sint-Lucas in Ghent, 28 October 2013

I was invited to give a talk at the Sint-Lucas Faculty of Architecture, KULeuven in Ghent, Belgium, on 28 October … more

Poster session presentation

Futures for Food conference in Turku, Finland, 6-7 June 2013

I was been invited to the poster session of Futures for Food conference in Turku with Beef Finland 2012 project. … more

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Demos Helsinki Associates

Today I have been appointed as one of the Demos Helsinki Associates. I will be contributing to internal development of … more


Paris, 23-28 December 2012

Homage to Midnight in Paris (2011) by Woody Allen All footage including sound filmed with Sony RX100. Sincere thanks to … more

Pixelache office with fake vinyl letters

Epilogue: Pixelache micro-residency on Food-Info-Activism

This post is made originally as the epilogue of my micro-residency at Pixelache during March 18-22 2013. You can find … more

Suvilahti, where Pixelache as well as the coal-power plant is located.

Pixelache micro-residency

Having lived in Arabia and working for Creative Sustainability programme in Aalto ARTS, my commute was often no longer than … more


My favourite This American Life episodes

This American Life (TAL) is a podcast radio show I started listening to since 2010 when I got back from … more


Watching Lake Erie

I had a friend whom I had been very grateful to for often bringing me to the shores of Han … more


Food for birds

Winter is harsh in Finland, especially from January through March. It’s not only harsh for us, but also for birds: … more


Thoughts on Foxconn

The blame on Foxconn and Apple has been a hot potato on social network after the suicides were learned by … more


A year and a half in Ullanlinna

Some words and photographs… more


Beyond Criticism

Why Critical Design and conventional design are not be not the two unconnected, but parts of a continuum… more

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Ignorance and complicity-lessons from Earthlings

As I am doing my masters thesis work on beef in Finland, I have been turning my head to the … more

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) demonstrating wireless transmissions during his high frequency and potential lecture of 1891. After continued research, Tesla presented the fundamentals of radio in 1893.

What (the heck) is design?

Design is everywhere nowadays. Every nation–or even some cities–runs design organization of some sort, and there are ever-more design awards, festivals, and fairs around the world. … more


What is allowed, and what is not?

I met Teemu Mäki at Design Factory in September 2009 while he was running a seminar on the topic “What … more

Ready to go

Feels good (or bad).

I sold an iPod JBL speaker dock via to someone who lives in Naantali, yes, the Moomi‘s home town. … more


Huom! Jääkärinkatu

I have found this flag poll this evening coming home from supermarket. As you can see the poll is coming … more

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Brand Gap

In the world of so much information and so little time, branding is not a mere marketing tool but probably … more

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The book, Nudge, talks about why people often make wrong choices, and how we can help make better choice by … more

Boeung Kak lake as of March 2010. Image courtesy: Save Boeung Kak Campaign -

A City in Crisis: Part II

Things taken for granted at home were not easily achievable here: clean water, sanitation, sewage management, waste management and education, just to name a few… more

Floating village, a vernacular principle in Cambodia where the rainy season continues for six months.

A City in Crisis: Part I

My studies in Aalto University have taken me to Cambodia, where Aalto University’s City in Crisis course is expanding the design discourse to… more